What is AP Mode?

AP mode is an alternate way of pairing a device where you can isolate and pair directly to it e.g.  If you are trying to pair a device to the app using regular WIFI but have more than one device nearby in pairing mode/fast blinking light then unfortunately all devices would be paired at the same time which can be confusing however using AP mode you can isolate a single device so that you can pair one at a time.  All our smart devices can pair in two different modes based on the speed of the blinking light which is determined by holding the pairing button for different lengths of time:

Fast blink = Wifi pairing mode (hold button for approx 5 seconds).

Slow blink = AP pairing mode (hold button for approx 10 seconds).

To pair a device in AP mode try the following:

First put smart device into AP pairing mode (slow blinking light) then add device as usual on app but select Other Mode:

Next select AP Mode:

Lastly choose theexact device from your WIFI list:

The device should now be connected via AP Mode.