How to add and control the smart device via Google Assistant?

  1. Install the Connect SmartHome or Laser SmartHome app and set up devices.
  2. Install the Google Home app and login.
  3. Tap the icon in the bottom right corner.
  4. Select "Set up or add," then "Set up device."
  5. Select "Have something already set up?"
  6. Choose Connect SmartHome or Laser SmartHome app.
  7. Login and link the account.
  8. On the next screen simply select Authorize
  9. After the linking process is complete you may see a screen which will prompt you to assign your newly added devices to a room this step is optional so if you want to skip please tap the small X icon in the top left corner which will put you back to the screen from step 5 of this guide and from there you may go back to the Home screen if you would like to continue select the device then select ADD TO A ROOM where you will be able to select the room from a list or create a room of your choice: 
    1. Assign devices to a room (optional).
  10. Once the smart devices have been assigned to a room select DONE
  11. You should now be able to see your newly added Smart device on the Home screen of the Google Home app where you will be able to control them via the Google Assistant speaker.