• Bluetooth Mode: Turn on the microphone, Long Press the POWER Button and it will enter the Bluetooth mode. Search and connect to 'MIC-AKLED' on your device.
  • SD Card/USB Mode: Insert a micro SD card or USB drive preloaded with songs, and the microphone will play the songs automatically.
  • Line-Out Mode: Use the line-out socket (3.5mm) to connect the microphone to external speakers or earphones for amplified sound.
  • Magic Sound
    • Turn on MIC-AKLED, double click Power button to enable magic sound function. Short press Power again

      Change to next magic sound (total four magic sounds). Double click Power button again to disable magic

      sound function.

  • USB Mode

    • Turn on MIC-AKLED, insert USB preloaded with songs. Microphone will indicate “USB mode”

      and start playing songs from USB automatically.